Software   &   Data

At PC we understand how important your data is to you. We have many solutions when it comes to software and data.

Our   List   of   Backup   Solutions   Include

  • Complete server or desktop imaging
  • Online or "Cloud" backups
  • Redundant RAID server setups
  • Multiple disk backup spanning
  • Off-Site backup setup

Backing up and restoring data is not a problem, we can backup your data to almost any format, including on-site and off-site solutions.

Ask us about our many "Cloud" based solutions, to get you going in the right direction with this ever expanding technology that has many advantages for everyone.

Do you need to transfer your critical data, not a problem let us take care of that for you. A data transfer from your old PC to your new PC is a solution we provide.

PC offers many data recovery solutions for your valuable data. We teamed up with the best in data recovery, our data recovery engineers are the best in the business. No matter what happened to your hard drive we can probably recover it for you.

Backing up data is an important detail people often forget to do until it's too late. At our company we can recover data, but we can setup a complete backup solution for you to make your data recovery situation less painful in the event of a hard drive crash.

No matter what solution you choose backing up your data makes sense.