IT   Security

With security threats increasing daily online it is more important than ever to be aware of viruses, spyware, online scams, and identity theft.  Computers are being infected in an alarmingly large rate with viruses and spyware that can potentially leave your sensitive information on your computer compromised.

Pop-up ads, slow PC performance, and erratic behavior are symptoms that your PC is infected by spyware.  A virus can also infect your PC and cause problems, or run silently without you ever knowing, leaving your PC infected with a malicious virus.

Our technicians can clean your PC and leave it virus and spyware free.  Whether we service your computer on-site, or in-store, be assured we will leave your computer running in top form.


With   our   help   we   can   secure   your   computer   by

  • Cleaning your PC of viruses and spyware
  • Setting up a secured wired or wireless router, with a firewall
  • Removing annoying pop-up ads and spam
  • Installing antivirus and spyware blocking software
  • Keeping your PC up to date with the latest security patches
  • Setting up passwords for your sensitive information


Wireless networks provide many advantages for networking an office or home when done properly.  When not properly setup a wireless network is an open invitation for a would be hacker or someone just using your Internet for free.  An intruder can even possibly access your private information.

Today’s threats have spyware installing fake security software on computers and demanding money to fix problems that will not be resolved.  We will install easy to use and recognizable antivirus and antispyware software that will keep you and your PC safe.

Be assured with our help we will keep your important information at work or at home safe, secured and virus & spyware free.