Is your computer not working like it should, or is it just not working?

We will repair any problem or upgrade your system to get your computer up and running.  Our technicians can repair all types of computers like "Generic" or "Clone Computers" and all name brand computers.

All our technicians are trained and A+ Certified in computer hardware, so rest assure we will properly service your system.


Our Technicians Service the following Computers

  • DELL, HP, Acer, Gateway, and etc.
  • Clone or generic computers
  • We also repair servers

We can diagnose all problems and find a solution for your computer problem, whether it's a hard drive, power supply or monitor.

Our technicians can give your computer a check-up and optimize it, so it is running in top shape.  We can make sure everything is running fine and all your hardware is working as it should.

DELL, HP, Acer, and Gateway are registered trademarks of their respective companies.